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Senior Care Resouces

The resources listed below are but a few of the many available to help you meet your senior care needs.

Family Caregiver Stree Relief The responsibilities and challenges of caring for a loved one can place significant stress on the family caregiver. In fact, this stress can build up to actually cause caregiver distress—a situation where the caregiver may ... :: [ Read Article... ]

Blue Mood Be Gone For Seniors Who Suffer From Loneliness and Depression, Help is Available
Despite popular opinion, depression and loneliness are not normal parts of aging, although many seniors experience these feelings... :: [ Read Article... ]

Encourage Seniors to Pursue Their Favorite Pastimes Here's the kind of question that a concerned adult child of senior parents might ask when he or she sees their activity levels diminishing: "My 70-year-old parents, both in relatively good health, were really active in their younger years. But now that th :: [ Read Article... ]

Meals on Wheels Meals on Wheels Association of America provides valuable advice to help prevent problems associated with senior hunger. :: [ Read Article... ]

The Boomer Project Independent research conducted by the Boomer Project ( for the Home Instead Senior Care® network of U.S. and Canadian adult caregivers revealed that nutrition and related issues had a significant impact on their senior loved ones' he :: [ Read Article... ]

Cooking Under Pressure-Great Nutrition Tips & Recipies for Seniors (PDF) Home Instead Senior Care's Cooking Under Pressuresm public education campaign was created to provide families with the resources they need to help older loved ones with the planning and preparation of nutritious meals. :: [ Read Article... ]

Making Cooking and Eating Fun Even with the best of intentions and planning, seniors who are without companionship and assistance at home may jeopardize their own good health or recovery from an illness or surgery. :: [ Read Article... ]

Making Food Interesting - Recipes Variety is truly the spice of life. To keep their daily menus interesting, and healthy, seniors will want to mix up their food choices--particularly within each food group--every day. :: [ Read Article... ]

Meal Time: Being Prepared Senior Shopping List; 12 Staples Your Senior Shouldn't Live Without They may seem like common staples for any healthy diet, but the following 12 foods hold special nutritional value for seniors. These items are also versatile enough to be used in a varie :: [ Read Article... ]

Meal Time: Getting Organized Before seniors and their family caregivers think about the types of healthy meals they need to prepare, they must first overcome the obstacles of shopping. Here are some tips to help make a caregiver's next trip to the grocery store a successful one. :: [ Read Article... ]

Feeling the Heat: Caregivers Under PressureSM Family caregivers are feeling the heat in the kitchen in more ways than one. Home Instead Senior Care® research reveals that caring for an older person who has three or more nutritional risk factors is tied to increased stress levels... :: [ Read Article... ]

10 Warning Signs of Poor Senior Nutrition So how do you know if your senior's diet fits the bill? These 10 warning signs are red flags that may signal a potential problem: :: [ Read Article... ]

Cooking Under Pressure The Home Instead Senior Care® network is arming seniors and family caregivers with nutrition resources for healthy aging. :: [ Read Article... ]

Caring for your parents: Education for the family caregiverSM Nearly half of the nation’s family caregivers are working two jobs: one for money and the other for love. A five-year study conducted for the Home Instead Senior Care® network revealed that 42 percent of caregivers spend more than 30 hours a week caring.. :: [ Read Article... ]

A Caregiver's Guide to Spot Clutter Creep... (PDF) A senior home's clutter zones - :: [ Read Article... ]

If Your Senior Won't Let Go... (PDF) Getting rid of stuff is actually a two-step process: sorting and deciding, on the one hand, and disposing on the other... :: [ Read Article... ]

10 Reasons Seniors Hang On To Stuff SM (PDF) And What To Do About It Following, from the Home Instead Senior Care® network and Vickie Dellaquila, certified professional organizer and author of Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash,are 10 reasons seniors can’t or won’t give up their stuff an :: [ Read Article... ]

Breaking Point SM Decoding the Problems of Seniors and Hording Leading Senior Care Company Advises Family Caregivers to Help Older Adults De-Clutter During Spring Cleaning to Avoid Household Hazards. :: [ Read Article... ]

Get Mom MovingSM Growing frailty can be the beginning of a downward spiral, and loss of independence is at top of the list when seniors discuss their worries about aging. But there is some good news. While staying physically active may be a challenge for seniors ... :: [ Read Article... ]

In The News Information for you and your loved ones provided by Home Instead Senior Care. :: [ Read Article... ]

40-70 Rule 40-70 RULE programs and emotional support services are offered to develop open discussions between families relating to providing care to parents and other various senior topics. Bridging the communication gap between adult children and their senior love :: [ Read Article... ]

Cutting Corners Pinched by the Economy, Older Adults Put Themselves at Risk :: [ Read Article... ]

Running on Empty New Home Instead Senior Care Survey/Web Data Indicate Stress Takes a Dramatic Toll on Those Caring for Older Adults :: [ Read Article... ]

Too Close for Comfort New Home Instead Senior Care Survey/Web Data Indicate Stress Takes a Dramatic Toll on Those Caring for Older Adults :: [ Read Article... ]

Alzheimer's Association The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary heath organization in Alzheimer care, support and research. It is their mission to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affe :: [ Read Article... ] More than 50 million individuals in the US and Canada care for a chronically ill, aged or disabled loved one, according to the National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA). Fatigue, stress and depression are very real side effects of family caregiving. C :: [ Read Article... ]

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